Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Board Books

Product DetailsLooking for a special treat for a little one’s Easter basket?  Forget the candy and add a board book!  Sleeping Bear Press has a new series of board books with rhyming riddle texts.  There are “Little States,” such as California, New York, Wyoming, and Texas, and “Little Sports,” such as baseball and football.  On one side a riddle is asked; turn the page to find the answer.  Illustrations provide additional clues.  The puzzles, simple enough for young children to solve, relate to the state or sport.  From Helen Foster James’ California:  “It’s bright and orange and in the bay.  If you go near, it swims away.  (fish),”  and from Brad Herzog’s Baseball:  “Hit the ball?  You surely could with a mighty swing from this piece of wood.  (bat).”  Preschoolers will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with solving the challenges, especially if they have older brothers or sisters who have their own puzzle books—Lucinda Whitehurst.  (California illustrated by Helle Urban; Baseball illustrated by Doug Bowles; Ages 1-4; Sleeping Bear Press, 2011)

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