Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jon Scieszka at St. Christopher's School

Jon admires the "stinky" bulletin board

We had a wonderful time with Jon Scieszka this week at St. Christopher's School.  A community program examining boys and reading brought together more than 500 parents, teachers, and librarians from all over the Central Virginia area.  The programs with our boys today proved that Jon knows his audience!  Those "knuckleheads" came in all afternoon looking for Spaceheadz titles in particular.  Thanks again Jon!  Come back any time.
Lucinda Whitehurst and Jon Scieszka


  1. I attended Jon's program on Monday night and really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for inviting parents and teachers to attend and also providing us with the knowledge to help all boys become excited readers!

  2. Wow! Is this the Smash Crash! author?

  3. Yes, he has a whole series called Trucktown.