Sunday, September 30, 2012

Freakling by Lana Krumwiede

Everyone in Taemon's city possesses psi, an ability that lets them control objects with their minds. Taemon's mind, however, works differently.  He can see into the very nature of things, and use that knowledge in powerful ways.  His parents are worried about his unusual talent and want him to keep quiet.  People are watching both Taemon and his brother Yens, people who want to use the boys for their own dangerous purposes.  
Richmond author Lana Krumwiede makes a strong debut with Freakling.  Her fantasy world is well-imagined, drawing readers in with elements of the familiar enlivened by dashes of magic or science, depending on your viewpoint.  A colony of people without psi provide a refuge for Taemon, but when his friend Amma's family is threatened, Taemon realizes that no place is really safe.  Taemon's journey is both physical and psychological as he tries to discover the source of his power and determine where his responsibilities lie--Lucinda Whitehurst.
(Grades 4-7, Candlewick, 2012)