Monday, August 29, 2011

First Garden: The White House Garden and How it Grew by Robbin Gourley

First Lady Michelle Obama is concerned about improving the health of American people, especially the children.  Early in the Obama presidency, Mrs. Obama proposed a kitchen garden on the White House lawn which would encourage Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables.  This beautifully illustrated book by Robbin Gourley begins with a fascinating section on how past presidential families have used the White House lawns and gardens, from the pony and goat carts of early White House children to the fountain in which John Kennedy, Jr., liked to play. It then shows the garden in every stage, beginning with preparing the soil and planting the seeds and plants.  Mrs. Obama enlisted the participation of student gardeners from Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, D. C.   These students helped to cultivate the garden and harvest the crops.  The White House kitchen staff prepared foods from the garden for the presidential family to enjoy.  Recipes and gardening tips complete the package.   (Houghton Mifflin, 2011)--Wilma Snyder

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