Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom!

I know all of you out in the Kidlit blogosphere are excited about the ALA children's book award announcements Monday, but January 23 is an important day for another reason too--it's my mom's 75th birthday!!  As you Open Book readers know, Mom and I collaborate on this blog.  What I wanted to tell you today is that I totally owe my interest in children's literature to my mom, and I'm so grateful.  All through my childhood my mother read to me, shared books with me (well, she still does that), and encouraged my interest in books and reading.  She has never lost her enthusiasm for children's literature.  Throughout her careers as a classroom teacher, college professor, and now newspaper columnist, she has brought together books and people, always willing to tell someone about that great new book she just read.  To all the parents, teachers, librarians, grandparents, etc., keep reading with the kids in your lives!  They are listening, and you may never realize all the wonderful things they are learning.  I'm so glad my mom introduced me to the Ingalls and March families, Peter Rabbit and friends,  Dr. Seuss, Babar, Madeline, the Borrowers, and so many others.  Those books and those memories are a priceless treasure.  Thanks Mom, and happy birthday!--Lucinda Whitehurst

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