Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween and Pumpkins

 Halloween is here again.  Many kids say it is their favorite holiday, and why not?  Jack-o-Lanterns, costumes, Trick or Treating, and at the end of the evening, lots of candy!  Here are some wonderful books for this time of year--Wilma Snyder.

In Corinne Demas’ Halloween Surprise, Lily wants to choose the perfect Halloween costume for Trick-or-Treat and to surprise her father.  She tries out several traditional costumes and none is just right.  Her final solution will offer a fun surprise for every young reader.  Artist R. W. Alley makes any picture book more fun. (Walker & Company,  2011)

The youngest readers will enjoy What Am I?  Halloween by Anne Margaret Lewis.  Every page is interactive as the suspense builds.  Big bright pictures and sturdy covers make this perfect for toddlers.  This book is a part of the “My Look and See Holiday Book” series. (Illustrated by Tom Mills.  Albert Whitman,  2011)

Elizabeth Spurr says that she is very fond of monsters, having raised five of them.  She knows the kind of story that appeals to many children and uses her knowledge in Monsters, Mind Your Manners!  These ill-mannered monsters are so rude and rowdy that young readers will feel deliciously superior.  Good for lots of giggles.  (Illustrations by Simon Scales.  Albert Whitman,  2011)

Cat and his friend Mouse work together in the garden.  Mouse shows Cat how to grow pumpkins – from planting the seeds, giving water and sunlight, planting the seedlings outside to watching them grow, protecting them and building a scarecrow to frighten away the crows.  Then when it is time to pick the pumpkin, Mouse has a big surprise for Cat.  Anne Mortimer’s gorgeous art makes this charmer a sure winner.  Look for Pumpkin Cat. (HarperCollins, 2011)

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