Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Alex Rider fans--Try Steel Trapp

Scorpia Rising, the final entry in Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series, hit stores last month.  If you have finished that series and are ready for a new one, check out Steel Trapp by Ridley Pearson.  Book one The Challenge was published in 2008, followed by The Academy in 2010.  Hopefully Steel’s adventures are just getting started. 
The Challenge begins with Steel and his mother on a train heading to Washington,   D. C., for a science project competition.  Steel tries to do a good deed when he notices a woman leaving the train without her briefcase.  No, the briefcase does not explode, but its contents do ignite complications for Steel.  Soon the woman, a dangerous gang leader, and U. S. Marshals all are looking for Steel and the mysterious briefcase.  On the trip, Steel finds an ally in Kaileigh, a girl who was supposed to be part of the science competition until her project was stolen.  Fast-paced and full of twists, Steel’s story will keep readers engaged until the last breathless page—Lucinda Whitehurst.  (Fiction, grades 4-8; Disney Editions, 2008)

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